The environment at the Center is warm and welcoming.
The office staff is friendly and very helpful and the therapists are compassionate, professional and help to provide positive life changing outcomes.

Charles Lovallo

The center takes cash patients and insurance. I have been seeing Ivonne for years and have no problems with my insurance or the office billing. Ivonne is the most compassionate, effective counselor I have ever worked with. Do not believe what your read in negative reviews. I would 100% recommend the center and especially Ivonne. I have referred friends to her who have also been very happy.

Diana Decker

The therapists and the office staff are great.
They make you feel so comfortable and the overall environment helped to reduce my apprehension about seeking therapy.
My whole outlook on life and my situation has improved greatly thanks to CCC.

Ranphys Ortiz

I've been a client of CCC for a few years now, and I haven't had any issues. Coupled with my insurance, sessions are extremely affordable, to say nothing about the spectacular therapy I've received in my time there. Everybody's experience varies, but what I've gained here has been truly transformative and I'm grateful.

Samuel Shin

If you are looking for help, don't even think, my life was complicated, I couldn't understand myself, I didn't love myself, the lie was easier than the truth, stress took my life, leaving home, eating dinner was an effort for me, I ended up in hospital with panic , anxiety attacks, today I'm starting to live, it's just the beginning, but after each therapy I get wings, I have undergone many therapies, but no one has ever approached me like ALICIA FEGGHI I Extremely recommend her if you want to change your life is the best pychologist in the world, it's more than a doctor is your best friend, thank you every day that i just found her

Iza Korwek