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Trying to overcome anxiety, depression and stress on your own can be difficult and exhausting. THE COUNSELING CARE CENTER can give you the guidance and structure you need. Our counseling center helps people deal with all kinds of obstacles, from stress at work to clinical depression. We'll conduct an initial intake assessment so we can provide targeted treatment and support.

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We offer a wide range of counseling services for your comfort and convenience. Whether you want to work out your relationship problems or address your generalized anxiety disorder, we have the tools and training needed to help you. We offer compassionate care, and we always put our patients first.

Some issues we can help you with include:

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Our office is a comfortable, welcoming space where you can feel at home. You won't be stuck in a cold, clinical setting. It's just you and your therapist in a comforting environment.

We accept most forms of insurance, except for Medicare and Medicaid. Our services are available for children, teenagers and adults. All of our therapists are licensed and experienced. This year, we celebrate a decade of inspiring lives and healing hearts.